Going Back to Castile

It’s late June 2017 and I’m headed to northern Spain to take part the Press Drives for the new Ford Fiesta.

I’m not a journalist, influencer or YouTuber. I’m a Finance Manager for Ford Motor Company and wouldn’t usually get involved in this side of the business. I’m Finance; I count the beans; I don’t get involved in a new model launch. That’s for the Public Affairs folks on the 4th floor.

The new Ford Fiesta Titanium we drove from Valladolid Airport

What happened was Public Affairs wanted to involve a small group of Ford employees who use social media and would be prepared to blog, tweet, post, Instagram, be photographed and interviewed for a 36-hour test drive with the UK motoring press in Valladolid, Spain. All we had to do was answer a question.

The question was, why are you the person for the job? Easy!

My first ever car was a Mk.I Fiesta. I’ve owned or driven every mark of Fiesta ever since. I speak Spanish and lived just up the road in Burgos for a couple of years back in the 80s, so I know the area. And I’ve had enough first-hand experience of being stopped by the Spanish Civil Guard, including at gunpoint, so potentially being stopped for alleged traffic offences wouldn’t be an issue…

So I applied. And got the gig. And here I am, with the other 5 willing volunteers, at Stansted Airport waiting for the flight.

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