You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Alright, enough with the “pay gap” myth. It’s been debunked. Maybe you should do your research. Also, these rape cases are so controversial because, guess what, there are evil fucking women too. There are women who accuse men of rape just because they don’t like them. Recently there was a 26 year old football player who spent 6 years, yes, 6 FUCKING YEARS in jail for a rape he did not commit.

Back to my main point. The only way you can get the gender wage gap, is if you take THE ENTIRE TOTAL SUM of womens earnings vs mens. And guess what, the majority of women are making different choices when compared to men in the workplace.

Let me explain. On average, men are working almost an hour longer than women. They take less holidays than women. They don’t have to take maternity leave, because guess what, mother nature allowed women to be these beautiful caretakers of one of the most wonderful things on earth, being a mother.

And you dipshit leftist movements are deomonizing that. You are demonizing the family. You are making it harder for simple-folk to settle down with a nice lady because they believe that men are these evil, vile creatures. So thanks for that. Thanks for turning mothers against fathers, women against men, and even men against men. Thanks.

Sincerely, a pissed off, rational thinking male.

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