Fugine EGO

The total amount of Tokens released will be 1 billion FEGO.
An additional release of Tokens will not take place, and if all of the Tokens available for Token Sale Participants are not sold during the Token ICO Phase, the remaining Tokens will be destroyed.

FEGO Tokens are…

Fugine EGO

Currently, many voice assistants, robots, etc. are being developed, but most of them have simple functionality at the level of smart house management.
We at Fugine have gone further and offer a number of unique opportunities.

Fugine EGO

Our business model is based on the sale of the Hardware and Software products of the company. In turn, Hardware and Software solutions are divided into other units.

  • Selling Hardware solutions for the home;
  • Selling Hardware solutions for business;
  • Own Application Store for use with Hardware;
  • SDK for developers and companies to create their own applications;
  • Selling Software for other OS (iOS / Android, Mac / PC);
  • Other services and products

The products of our company, as well as the software products, will be available for payment in cryptocurrency.

More details on our official website — www.fugine.co

AI, Voice Assistants, Smart Speakers, Personal Robots


Fugine EGO is based on Voice Control, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, so let’s talk first about this.

The market of smart assistants is now at the peak of popularity and is demonstrating rapid growth. And the facts of the success of many…

Fugine’s mission is to make a revolution in aircraft construction, to show a
different vision of flying structures and to draw more people’s attention from the earth to heaven.

Fugine was founded in late 2015 by the entrepreneur and father of two sons,
giving a promise to their sons —…

What is Fugine EGO

High-tech autonomous system based on artificial intelligence, which has
Hardware and Software solutions, with voice control, decentralized data storage, created for everyday human help and optimization of its time by Fugine.

How does it work

Through voice communication, a person can communicate with EGO on any topic, solve everyday issues, work issues, communicate with…

Fugine Official

Smart Flying Devices — www.fugine.co

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