Enemy unknown

You have been taken far from home.

To fight in a war you know nothing about

You know nothing about your enemy

Only that they are coming

So you wait, in your dugout

And wait

Seconds, minutes, hours go past

And you wait

Days, years go past

Christmas, birthdays

And they are still not here

You don’t sleep

There are tears

Of tedium, of rage

You want to kill them

You want to go home

At night you think about home

Family and friends so far away

Sometimes you get letters

Telling you you’ll be home soon and not to give up

Next you are numb

Years blur into one

You’d wish they’d just come

So you could kill them

Or at least die trying

Eventually you’re just there

You don’t want to win anymore

Victory is alien, forsaken long ago

The thing about an enemy unknown

Is you don’t know them

But they may know you,

better than you know yourself


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