7 Simple tips for capturing better photographs with your Mirrorless Camera

I often come across people asking how to click great photos as I appear as a judge in the photo contests from time to time. I have stopped appearing in photo contests and started to guide people on how to take better photographs and do photography through my blogs. Here, I am with seven simple tips that can help you capture better photos:

  1. Take a technically competent photo — I hope you would be familiar with a well-liked misconception that is a photograph must be flawless technically to win. Know this is not true. In my opinion, it does not have to be perfect, but has to be competent. A perfect but boring photograph taken by your Mirrorless Camera will not win any prizes.

2. Make your photograph stand apart — You know numerous entries are out there in a photo competition. Some of them are very good. Your technically competent photo enables you to make a good impression and the judges can want to have a second look.

3. Take photography in extreme weather condition — If you are willing to win a photo competition, you need not to be a photographer of fair weather. Often the best photographs are clicked beyond ideal conditions.

4. Make the image bold — For this, you need to use, well-built composition with simple lines that say power and speed.

5. Be active — For clicking better photographs with your Mirrorless Camera, you need to be passionate enough. In addition, you need to take care of the subject to win a photo competition.

6. Stay away from the eye-level camera placement. For this, take a ladder or a lamp post to climb or climb a hill to give your entry with a dramatic camera angle. You can use wide-angle lenses, lie on your stomach and shoot up against the sky to make things easier for the background.

7. Be close to your subject. Close-up filters, use a macro lens, or bellows to show a simple everyday object in a way that has not been depicted before. Good exposure also helps.