Email Marketing: Why It Works, and How It Can Work For You

With a whole arsenal of tools to help marketers gain exposure, including social media, physical mail, TV ads, and paid online ads, email marketing continues to be proven as one of the most powerful methods for converting contacts into customers. Here are just a few of the reasons email marketing is still relevant, and a few ways you can optimize email marketing to drive conversions.

Email Marketing Relevancy

Wide Marketing Reach

With rapidly rising numbers of social media users, email still prevails as the most widely used online platform, boasting over 3 times as many accounts as Twitter and Facebook combined. While social media is a great way to interact with existing customers, build your brand voice, and strengthen existing relationships, email has been seen to have a larger conversion rate.

Email addresses are a necessity for virtually any online activity, including online shopping, signing up for newsletters, and setting up social media accounts. Therefore, virtually everyone who is active online has an email account. It’s estimated that over 34% of people in the world have email and that this number is expected to double in the next couple of years. In addition, over 50 % of users regularly access email through their mobile device, making it a great way to reach mobile users.

Selective Audience and High Delivery Rate

People who signed up to be on your email list actually want to hear from and engage with you. The individuals behind each email address are prepped to convert and become a customer because they’ve already shown interest in your product. However, while online ads and social media can enhance a marketing strategy, their algorithms that calculate what types of ads you’ll respond to are based off of far weaker evidence of interest, reacting to actions such as visiting a website or clicking on a link. For someone to be added to your email list, they have to offer you their email address, taking an action that shows great interest.

Due to an excess of Facebook content (making post visibility competitive) and Facebook’s attempt to encourage users to spend money on “boosted” posts, you can expect only about 2% of your audience to actually see your Facebook posts. Conversely, by maintaining healthy email lists, virtually every email you send will get delivered. And with over 91% of consumers reporting daily use of email, the odds of an email being viewed are in favor of the marketer. This means your messages are far more likely to be viewed by your intended audience through email marketing than they are through unpaid social media channels.

Inexpensive and Customizable

Email marketing allows marketers to reach a large amount of people for just the time investment costs of writing the email. Unlike TV ads and paid online ads, email marketing is inexpensive, and doesn’t require a special skill set. For small business owners, email marketing can be a huge advantage for interacting with customers, building brand awareness, and nurturing lasting relationships.

With the tools available to marketers now, an email campaign can be as customized as the marketer’s skill set allows. Data gained from email marketing campaigns can be used to address the email user by name, provide personalized product recommendations, and provide shopping cart reminders when a cart has been left idle (to name a few).

Email Marketing Pays Off

With the information we’ve provided, we encourage you to take action. Your email list is one of the most valuable resources you can have, and email marketing has continually proven to be a steadfast and reliable way to reach customers. Once you learn how to optimize your email marketing techniques, rest assured your efforts will pay off.

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