“Let’s say a Basecamp customer started out with a single project and put everything they were working on in that one project. But a few months in they realized that they should have created multiple, focused projects instead of one mega project. Design a UI that would help them tease apart their one mega project and break it into logical smaller projects.”
“I’m not sure if I like what I did here or not”
Jason Fried

That is a great open ended task which leaves a lot of space how to approach the problem. As in business the main constraint is time.

Since every design effort is an investment into the product/company of some kind it might help if the task was put more clearly into context. E.g. there are no other business objectives besides offering the best possible experience to the customers.

If you look for a product designer with a broader understanding and an entrepreneurial mind set she might have derived it from your pricing plans. In that case it’s probably totally fine to leave it as blank and open as it is.