Parallel Lines of Music and Visual Art

In the music world it’s been calculated that 91% of all artists are completely undiscovered. But with the advent of Sound Cloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube that is changing for the independent music artisans and the exposure to the work. Their global reach and storytelling can be dialed in on a daily basis. From vinyl to iTunes the internet has reinvented the obsolete music model. The gate keepers of the RECORD LABEL who controlled the market and what and how music was bought and sold have been replaced by digital music platforms. Discovering artist like Adele, The Weekend or Chance the Rapper owe their success on this change and their followers could not be happier. From garages to the Grammys — artist careers are launched and instantly identified and shared. That “Shared” button and with Full Art Catalog (FAC) help will soon be making its impact on the Visual Art market.

The parallel lines of the music business and the Art business will soon be more apparent. A-c will be working hard to make this more visible on the terrain by presenting a new normal of Art Creativity, Distribution, Discovery and Enjoyment.