Agility and Collaboration — the new Capital?

Agility and collaboration. That’s what 94% of surveyed companies report as critical to their organization’s success in the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report. Yet, only 6% believe their organization is “highly agile” while 19% classify themselves as “not agile”.

There is a clear path ahead and the good news is this: nearly ⅓ say they are now designing their organization to be more adaptable and team-centric. This comes at a time when org charts are flattening and the gig economy is driving new rules for engagement.

After years of promoting the individual contributor and the star performer, attention is shifting to the power of teams and social networks. Head of the MIT Media Lab, Alex “Sandy” Pentland stated,

“Social learning is amazingly powerful. If you show up at a new job where everybody wears a tie, then you are going to wear a tie. It’s part of being compatible with the group. Similarly, if your new job has a bunch of people that are big risk takers, you will move toward more risky behavior. So while group learning can produce echo chambers, more often, exposure to other people’s experiences enhances your thinking process.”

This “better together” idea is an important one as we strive to answer the question: are agility and collaboration the new capital? We think so, and we also find that the organizations that learn the fastest…win.

In an age of big data, mobility, and tech that is evolving at a head-spinning pace, isn’t it time to innovate learning and organizational success?