21 Episodes of Full Frontal to Watch Once You’ve Remembered Full Frontal was Nominated for a Writing Emmy!

Full Frontal was nominated for an Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series Emmy! To see why, we curated a list of our 21 best episodes:

1: Our first episode! Everyone looks so young.

2: Our second episode! This one, where Sam meets Syrian Refugees, is one of our favorites.

3: Our third episode! Sam meets some more Syrian refugees in this one and we loved it.

4: Our fourth episode! Wow, another favorite!

5: Our fifth episode! Ah, this one was so great, too!

6: Our sixth episode! We love this one a lot.

7: Our seventh episode! Another home run!

8: Our eighth episode! Oh, now this one is definitely a favorite.

9: Our ninth episode! Yep, this one rules, too.

10: Our tenth episode! This is one of our favorites because it was so good.

11: Our eleventh episode! We worked so hard on this one and it really shows.

12: Our twelfth episode! Wow, now we’re talking!

13: Our thirteenth episode! This is a really good one.

14: Our fourteenth episode! We love it!

15: Our fifteenth episode! Talk about good writing!

16: Our sixteenth episode! Another one of our best.

17: Our seventeenth episode! We love this one because it was really good.

18: Our eighteenth episode! This one was so great!

19: A Very Special Full Frontal Special! A very special episode that we love!

20: Our twentieth episode! This one is really great.

21: Our twenty-first episode! Another one of our best.

Thanks for watching our 21 best episodes. And catch our 22nd episode when we’re back on September 12! 10:30pm on TBS.

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