Advice to Black People from People Who Live in 98% White Towns

Full Frontal
Sep 23, 2016 · 4 min read

We at Full Frontal are saddened by the tragic, state-sanctioned loss of life at the hands of police officers. We wish there were a solution for this depressing and complex problem…but now we realize the solution has been staring us in the face the whole time! It was hiding in plain sight on the walls of our Facebook friends from mostly white towns!

As a public service to the African American community, we’ve aggregated some of the best advice for surviving police brutality from white people who don’t know any black people. Enjoy!

Cool story! More communities need to hire “the nice cops!”

Good question! Black mothers, please learn to dress your children right so we can start healing.

OMG, I can’t believe we haven’t added that to the Constitution yet. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Man, this is an excellent point. If you can make it out of a traffic stop alive, anyone can. Thanks for being a much-needed alive role model.

Thank you! Of course everyone would be safer if we didn’t walk down streets! Now I know why white women are always stealing black people’s cabs. I thought they were being bitches but they’re just being safe. Wicked good advice!

White people don’t walk down the street but they also don’t go near cars? How do they get places? White people are magic.

Here’s a picture of an old black woman who worries every day about whether her grandson will make it home. She thanks you for the great idea to keep him indoors. Good advice for cat owners AND people of color.

DUH! Nobody cares about any of those things because people can only care about one thing at a time as you have demonstrated here. Not enough people point that out. Thank you for your courage! 💯

Right? That is what I ask my one remaining brother ALL THE TIME!

My parents and grandparents have been thinking about this for generations, but in the five seconds it took you to write this Facebook post, you have solved it. Also, CONGRATS ON HAVING SO MANY FRIENDS! 👍

Wait a minute… so when the police say stop we should stop? Are they saying stop before or after they shoot? How are black people going to study this without being able to safely hold books? Anyway, thanks for caring so much about human life!!!!!!!!

You got us! All those marches and events and charities we have against black-on-black violence are just an excuse to take off work.

Black Lives Matter.

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