Catholic Hospitals: Extended Interviews

For our October 24th episode, we interviewed several women about their experiences with reproductive care at Catholic hospitals. Time constraints prevented us from airing their full interviews, but we would like to share them here. We are grateful to these women for sharing their deeply personal and often painful stories.

From left to right: Dr. Rupa Natarajan, Mindy Swank, Melanie Jones, Jennifer Norris

Mindy Swank was forced to continue an unviable pregnancy after her water broke.

Dr. Rupa Natarajan describes how the directives restricted her ability to care for her patients at the Catholic hospital where she worked.

Melanie Jones spent two weeks bleeding and in unnecessary pain after a physician at a Catholic facility refused to remove her dislodged IUD.

Jennafer Norris, like many women, was denied a tubal ligation by a Catholic hospital during emergency c-section, even though her life would be at risk if she were to get pregnant again.

Watch the full piece here:

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