Full Frontal Introduces The Scammm: News That Won’t Challenge You

We get it: the news can be a lot. As a woman with a distinct sensibility, you know not everything is for you. You don’t buy just any razors — you buy the special pink ones with cushioning for your delicate lady-hands. Why should your news be any different? Time is money and big words are hard, so Full Frontal is announcing The Scammm. No more boring paragraphs on topics that don’t affect you (nobody’s trying to deport your family), just a bite-sized summary that fits your aesthetic: adorable, sparkly, and in GIF form. Yas queen! Sneak a peek at this week’s hottest stories below and look out for the actual newsletter coming soon!

OMG, this is so on-brand!
LOL, this is everything.
This is giving me all the FEELS! Stahp!!