Full Frontal’s Guide To Looking Like A Powerful Woman Using Your Female Girl Body

Inspired by: 5 Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview, as seen on Ivanka Trump’s Website.

Ladies, here at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, we are so much more than just a comedy show. We’re also a fully functional lifestyle blog! Today we’re tackling job interviews.

This woman is ALL OF US lol!!!! Jk

There are lots of things you can focus your endless time and energy on, but we’re here to tell you the new thing that the internet has decided is important today — your body language! Tomorrow it will probably be something like your clothing choices or what you eat for breakfast, but right now we’re focusing on body language. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for the ladies out there who want some more rules about what they should and shouldn’t do.

DO: Stand tall!

Being a woman is easy if you do what we tell you to do!

Check out this powerful woman. Here you can see that she is standing with a tall, straight back. She looks so reassured and strong, but definitely not threatening. Her stance suggests that she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer in an important meeting. Being a woman is very easy.

DON’T: Fidget!

Yoga is good for womans.

A brave woman is still and mighty, like a tree or a spoon. She is motionless, perhaps frighteningly so. She doesn’t feel the need to tap her foot or pick at threads or bite her fingernails. This woman has got everything figured out. Try to be more like her!

DO: Spread out!

Man spreading? More like WOMANspreading! Yes!!!!

Many women try to make themselves look as small as possible, and we think that’s dumb and bad. Take every item you own and lay them across the table to take up as much space as possible. Stretch your arms and legs as far apart as possible. All women are soccer goalies! Be more like this gorgeous woman.

DON’T: Contain your inner fire!


If you feel angry, don’t try to contain it in your body. Your passion is worth sharing with the world. Let it out like this incredible woman — she is in control and she KNOWS it! You go, girl!

DO: Relax your hands!

A gorgeous woman leaning down to pick up her resume.

Now THIS is a woman in control. Look how relaxed her hands are! We know that you weren’t thinking about your hands before, but you’re gonna be thinking about them now. Try not to be tense even though we made you aware of a body part you weren’t previously paying attention to. You’ve GOT this!

DO: Dress your best but wear comfortable clothes!

This woman looks sexy AND professional!

People can tell when you’re wearing clothes that don’t quite flatter your body. Wear what makes YOU feel good about your body — the haters can deal with it. As the saying goes, good trash deserves a GREAT can! Outer trash reflects inner trash. This woman is wearing a professional but sexy pantsuit, and frankly? We can’t get enough of it!

The important thing to remember is not to think too hard! If you just stick to these six simple rules, along with the nine thousand other rules that you’ve been taught in the past forty-five minutes, then you are well on your way to conveying to the rest of the world that you are a confident woman. Check back later this afternoon for 80 different shirts that you HAVE to buy if you want to be taken seriously by strangers.

Get on out there, ladies!

P.S. In order to find our first image, we searched “Professional Woman Interview” on Getty and got this image:

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