Koko still undecided

Koko the Gorilla Has a Message for Voters

We thought, Koko, the gorilla who can talk to humans, had a message about climate change. But we got the sign language wrong. The western lowland gorilla was actually commenting on scandal-plagued Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Corrected transcript follows.

Allegations troubling. Shake Koko core. Bill bad. But Hillary blame? Koko ambivalent. Tickle. Koko intersectional feminist. Koko have grave reservations about Hillary’s record with big business, special interests, prison industry. But Koko also very conscious of decades of sexism Hillary has faced and overcome. Koko think she not get enough credit. Koko also pioneering female from seventies who often overlooked. But Koko expect more from Hillary. Koko hungry. And at end of day, Democratic president essential for Supreme Court appointments. Koko feel Bern. But wary make same Nader mistake again. Koko cry. Flower. Foot. Snack.