A tragic death of a young man caused by old beliefs

The term “Third World” was not used for no reason to describe certain countries. There are still some societies that ban certain things that are considered personal liberties in more civilized ones. There still are some laws supported by old fashioned thoughts and beliefs.

A sad incident occurred in Tunisia when two young love birds were united in the boy’s apartment. A neighbor saw them and called the police and locked their door so they won’t escape and face the consequences of their harmful deed. The boy then tried to escape from the window and fell down head first and died.

The first question that came to my mind is that why that lady didn’t care about her own business? And who should be responsible for the painful death of this young man?

A reminder that in that country when a non- married couple gets caught during a sexual intercourse, even in their own house and in total privacy, they will be sentenced up to six months in prison.

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