Those Who Breathe Violence

It’s not about me. I’m not personally grieving, because the person I knew who was killed in the San Bernardino shooting yesterday wasn’t a close friend. Still, that makes two people I know who were shot down and killed in the past few months.


Not interested in talking about gun control. That's just mechanics. I'm interested in human lives and human hearts and what influences someone to deny others their humanity, their dreams and goals and fears and shy desires.

And my heart goes out to all those who live in insecurity, not knowing how or if they and those they love will live to see their next birthday because violence permeates the environment they breathe. And I'm not just talking about Syria or Those Places Over There.

Did you know that San Bernardino has had a violent crime rate nearly double the national average? They're doing a lot better over the past decade, but can you imagine living with gunfire being a regular part of the soundtrack of your days? Sometimes distant, sometimes startlingly close, sometimes it's just the backfire of a car.

I remember reading of the little girl in LA, years ago, killed while sleeping in her bed because the bullets from a drive by tore straight through the walls of her house.


Being human.