For years I have been told that God is a gentleman, that is, he doesn’t invade our lives if we don’t want him to. But I don’t think that’s really accurate.

He didn’t say “Please, could I, please, send my son to become a man and die for you all, please?”. He didn’t say “Mary, would you like to have a child that is, actually, GOD himself?”. He didn’t ask my opinion on if I wanted to be saved or not. He just did. He just became a man and died for us. He just sent an angel to tell Mary what he would already do (and had promised in Genesis 3:15 and Isaiah 7:14, a looooooooot of years before Mary could think about existing!). He just saved me. Really simple.

Why? Because he wanted. He is God and does whatever pleases him. He is not sorry about that and I bet neither are you.