Indoor Table Tennis Table: Which One Should You Go For?

Table tennis has gained popularity ever since people started playing it in the 1880’s. Apart from being played as a professional sport in the Olympics, table tennis is also a household game and hobby for many.

Because of the game’s popularity and the increasing demand for the equipment, a lot of vendors offer paraphernalia for table tennis online as well as in their stores. Because of the numerous choices available, it is often very difficult to make the correct choice.

Purchasing the table itself is one of the many issues that arise while buying table tennis equipment. Getting the correct table is going to affect your game play. Thus, making the right choice is very important.

Of all the various options available, the one topping the list is the indoor table tennis table. It is a popular choice for families and schools looking for a table for indoor usage. Players located in areas with adverse conditions also opt for the indoor table. Players intending to play the sport professionally also prefer using this table as indoor tables. This way, they get the hang of playing on these tables Indoor tables also have a considerably better surface finish than outdoor ones and last longer because they are not exposed to harmful elements such as sunlight.

Thickness of the table is one of the factors which contribute to the quality of the table. Tables sporting thickness of from 12mm to 16mm are often regarded as low quality and can cost around $130. This one is advised to be used by families and beginners, just starting to play the sport.

However, if you’re a professional player you should go for the table which is around 22mm to 25 mm thick. These can cost you around $1300, but the price is worth the quality you’ll receive.

Buying the table according to where it is going to be placed is also extremely important. If you’re going for an indoor table, choose one which is light in weight and foldable. This way it would be easier to move it around and would also save you space.

Furthermore, if you’re going to move the table around a lot, it is advisable that you get one which has wheels attached to it. This would make it easier to move around. Also make sure there are net pockets for tennis paddles and balls attached to the table. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always go for refurbished tournaments tables as well. Ensure that the tables are ITTF-approved.