Google Reviews Are Essential For Small Business, But Are You Doing it Right?

Local SEO is one of the hardest types of SEO when it comes to gaining growth and reach.

The other hard part? Usually small businesses are the ones that need it most and with limited resources and knowledge it can be hard to implement a proper local SEO strategy.

When businesses do have a strategy, it often look like this:

  • Gain local authority
  • Get local PR coverage
  • Match all listings online with the same info
  • Add local pages to your website

But there is a more important part of local SEO that is beneficial to both SEO and your customer base — and isn’t too much of a challenge if businesses know what to do.


Most small businesses I work with, know the importance of having reviews but don’t know how to implement a strategy to get them consistently.

Why Are Google Reviews So Important to Small Business?

Online reviews are important.

They’re a badge of honor.

Here are some of the most important aspects of online reviews that are so vital to small businesses.



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