Did Apple Just Screw It With Videos This Time? Or Not?

The first Apple event of 2022 was held yesterday. For the first time I was watching an Apple event and I was not able to say “let’s f*cking go, this is epic!”... It was more like “meh” 😪. Of course, not because of Apple’s hard work and incredible production, but more because of what’s happening in the world right now.

I have to say it felt weird and hard to enjoy watching product announcements in the light of current events.

But let’s see some of the highlights, and what we can learn from Apple’s latest event when it comes to video production because once again, they killed it with creativity and imagination 🎬.

Green iPhone — Break it till you make it?

iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro | Now in Green | Apple

When you first watch this video you might think that someone screwed up the rendering. What if actually that was the case, and then they just liked the way it looks and said “let’s keep it that way, it looks dope”? I’m sure it did not happen this way, but sometimes you have to break things to make them look different. And Apple is all about thinking differently.

This video is proof that anything can look good as long as you follow some aesthetics – color, sound, and motion.

I’m not sure what was the inspiration behind this video… it might be some Web3 and NFT projects, or it might be… a Venus flytrap? Nevertheless, it looks incredible.

Venus flytrap by Andi Superkern

Apple iPad Air with M1 💨

This is beyond me. There is not much I can say. Worth watching 👀. Worth exploring every second of it 👏. So much motion, cinematography, and 3D.

Apple iPad Air with M1 – leaving a trace of light

What I think is the key inspiration for this video is someone came up with the idea to leave a trace of the iPad’s light in the air, highlighting how portable and lightweight the device actually is… and it looks great.

M1 Ultra Video — An entirely new style of interview editing? 🎥

As a videographer for customer stories, I have to say it is not so easy to spice things up when it comes to interviewing people. But Apple did something very fashionable here. They combined interviews with motion graphics, abstract screen recordings, and picture-in-picture footage of the interviews with different camera angles. Here is what I mean:

Motion graphics

We see lots of transitions between the scenes.

Abstract screen recordings

They took snippets of screen recordings, zooming in and highlighting what’s most important for the story being told.

Picture-in-picture interviews

Haven’t seen that used before – showing 2 angles at the same time next to each other. Looks quite spiced up and dynamic.

The Mac Studio and Studio Display 🤯

The Mac Studio + Studio Display video is just the Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory of Apple commercials!

Mac Studio from the outside
Mac Studio from the inside

Let’s not forget the social videos

In a “tweet”, Apple released a 20-second short snippet of the iPad Air's new features. The video comes in a 1:1 square format. I’ve always been a fan of this type of content because it is short and optimized for social channels.

Conclusion 👏

Overall it’s great to see another set of incredible videos. If I have to pick a winner from all four videos – it is the M1 Ultra interview-style “mini-documentary”, because it is most close to my job and what I’m doing, and I know how hard it is to come up with a good and dynamic product story, which they totally managed to achieve.

Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment. 💬




🎬 Director, videographer, editor of things.

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Drago @ The Video Camp

Drago @ The Video Camp

🎬 Director, videographer, editor of things.

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