Top 10 Tech Gadgets For Better Remote Work 📍

Here are the essential tools and tech that I use when I’m working on the go, and why it saves me time and keeps me mobile.

As a videographer and filmmaker, I’m quite often on the move. My job allows me to work at the office whenever I want, but also to enjoy remote working when I’m on the go. But a remote work setup is a bit different than being settled upon a nice workstation and requires you to be more prepared.

1. Invest in a good backpack

When you’re on the go and working remotely, you want to think of your backpack as your storage room. It’s your unfoldable desk.

Investing in a good backpack for me is as important as investing in a good laptop. You want to enjoy every bit of it, from the storage compartments to the smooth zipping and nice fabrics. Also, backpacks usually last years, so it’s worth throwing an extra buck for the experience.

Some features to look for are – is it 💦 water-resistant, is it comfortable, does it have enough storage for all your equipment, and of course – does it look nice 🎒?

There are a few brands that I stick to, and The North Face is one of them. ⌁ The North Face Surge backpack seems to be a good solution for travelers and remote workers, because it is solid, and well-thought for carrying multiple devices.

2. Apple AirPods Pro / JBL Live Pro

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

If you’re working from a co-working space or a coffee spot that is loud, a good pair of headphones with active noise-canceling is a must. When I look for headphones I pay attention to both the sound and the microphone, especially if you’re doing lots of meetings.

I highly enjoy the ⌁ Apple AirPods Pro, because they are a great fit for in-ear headphones, and their compatibility with Apple products is just 👌 perfect. However, if you’re not an Apple user, you can go for something similar, like the ⌁ JBL Live Pro+ headphones.

3. Portable, lightweight mouse

Photo by Homescreenify on Unsplash

I always keep a small, portable mouse when I’m traveling and working remotely. My mouse of choice is the ⌁ Logitech G305 Gaming – it’s light, it’s wireless, and it also works for gaming, which means it has a better sensor and higher DPI. The only downside is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re looking for a mouse with Bluetooth connectivity, I’d recommend the ⌁ Logitech MX Master. It’s a nice alternative to a gaming mouse, but as a user, I found it a bit laggy sometimes, especially when you have multiple Bluetooth devices connected at the same time.

4. Foldable Mouse Pad

If you’re planning to use a mouse, make sure you get a nice, foldable mouse pad. It’s easy to carry in your backpack, and the comfort that it brings is just insane when it comes to working faster when you’re on the go and need your mouse. My mousepad of choice is undoubtedly the ⌁ Steelseries Cloth Mouse Pad.

5. Portable SSD

If you’re working remotely with large files, you’ll definitely need a couple of these portable SSDs. Nowadays USB-C SSDs are relatively cheap and super portable. I highly recommend the ⌁ Samsung T7 1TB, because of its size, reliability, and price.

Quick tip — get some ⌁ VELCRO tape and use it to stick your SSD to the back of your laptop. It works just fine not to have your SSD loose, and it looks sleek and geeky too.

6. Get A Cloud!

OK, this one is not technically a “gadget”, but for me, it is 100% as important as a physical item that I’d carry around when working remotely.

Get cloud storage that will keep your most precious files safe and accessible from anywhere and any device. Things like documents, photos, presentations, and even passwords.

I recommend two services – ⌁ Dropbox and pCloud. You can expect Dropbox to be more integrative with various services, while pCloud is more underground, making it a bit cheaper with a possible one-time payment that gives you lifetime access.

7. Powerbank (USB-C Charged)

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

When I was looking for a power bank, I wanted something that is charged via USB-C, because I didn’t want to carry an extra cable just for the power bank, since I already have my USB-C charging cable.

I recommend the ⌁ Belkin Portable 20K. It’s not only slim and lightweight, but it also mimics the size of a smartphone, which makes it easy to stick and fit on the back of any smartphone when charging.

Another great way to use a power bank is to avoid looking for power outlets for charging your smartphone or smartwatch, especially if you’re traveling and sleeping in different places (e.g. some Airbnbs don’t have easy outlet access).

8. Universal Power Block

This thing is a beast. ⌁ HyperJuice 100W allows you to supercharge 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C devices at the same time. It acts as a replacement of your original laptop charger, adding a few more additional slots to charge your devices and not worry about carrying multiple adapters.

9. USB-C Hub (Dongle)

We’ve seen some turbulence when it comes to laptop ports availability recently, although Apple decided to bring pack some ports in the new MacBook… nevertheless, it’s still worth it to keep a good old dongle in your backpack when working remotely – you never know when you’ll need it.

I have one ⌁ Anker’s USB-C hub that basically covers every need — HDMI, USB-3.0, USB-C, SD, and MicroSD card reader.

10. Portable Organizer

If you’re a fan of simplicity and an organized workspace, then this gadget is for you. The ⌁ Orbitkey Nest is a great way to keep your little items organized with its satisfying design. It also includes a built-in wireless charger.

If you’re looking for something way cheaper you can go for the ⌁ WIWU Travel Organizer and save the extra buck.


What tools you have in your backpack is very personal to your needs. In this article, I’m covering my essentials, not including any of my video gadgets, which I will cover in another article.

If you liked this you can also have a look at my home office setup, tools, and equipment.

And, if you’re a Mac user, make sure to go through my top 10  macOS tools and settings for increased productivity.

What are your favorite tools to carry on when working on the go remotely? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: All links marked with the “⌁” symbol are affiliates. It means that if you buy through that link, I’ll get a small fee. I am not getting paid by those products to advertise them, and I always share my honest opinion.




🎬 Director, videographer, editor of things.

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Drago @ The Video Camp

Drago @ The Video Camp

🎬 Director, videographer, editor of things.

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