What’s New in Canva – Top 10 Features That You’ll Absolutely Love

When it comes to easy-to-use tools to use for content creation, Canva is my favorite. Here is what’s new…

Today Canva hosted its first global event – Canva Create. And it was an absolute blast 🤯 – the team made an incredible show on stage. I love what the product design team at Canva is doing to improve the user experience with each and every new feature.

I use Canva daily for freelance projects, social media posts, designing presentations, generating PDFs, and even editing videos and animations – all that in the browser, from anywhere.

So here they are – 10 new features in Canva as of today, that you will fall in love with immediately!

#1 Canva Docs – The all-new document builder

Canva Docs To-dos

Bringing documents to Canva seems like a good move – having a document-editing experience, but without leaving the Canva ecosystem.

Canva Docs easy drag-and-drop

Canva Docs promises an optimized editor for documents (project plans, to-do lists, strategy docs) designed for productivity and collaboration. And even though I’m used to Dropbox Paper, I’ll definitely give this new Canva feature a try.

#2 Canva Websites – Create beautiful websites in minutes

Introducing Canva Websites

The top of the cherry 🍒. Honestly, for a long time I’ve been looking for a stable website editor/maker that is as easy to use as Canva’s drag-and-drop experience. Knowing how Canva works, I think you can easily build websites with it.

#3 Canva Whiteboards – unlimited canvas for all your ideas

Canva Whiteboards collaboration tool

That’s an alternative to Mural, FigJam, Miro and more…

Nothing crazy here – just an infinite canvas for your ideas to spread. You can use this for brainstorming sessions, for inspiration boards, and all sorts of team activities.

This new feature comes with pre-made templates – mind maps, schedules, planners, calendars, flowcharts… you name it.

#4 Canva Video Background Remover

Canva Video Background Remover

This new feature doesn’t need no explanation. And while many tools focused on removing background from images, Canva is one step ahead implementing this in video formats as well.

#5 Canva Cinematic Presentations

Create cinematic presentations easily

Motion design in presentations is nothing new, but it took some effort to make your transitions smooth. Now with Canva you will be able to use professional-level transitions with the click of a button. It recognizes images or text across two different slides and adds a smooth transition to give an animated look and feel, calling it “cinematic presentations”.

#6 Canva Remote Control for Presentations

Remote control for presentations

Like, why not? As straightforward as it goes, this new feature allows you to use any smartphone as a remote device for casting and presenting Canva slides. 👏

#7 Canva Print Catalog

Clearly Canva wants to step away from their comfort zone of just great user experience and deliver something more. With Canva Print they close the circle by offering print services – so now you can design and print anything, and they will deliver it straight to your doorstep.

What’s more interesting is that for every print, Canva commits to planting a tree, with 2.4 million trees already planted.

Canva – One Print, One Tree Initiative

#8 Canva Creators Marketplace

If you’re a designer or photographer – this one is for you! Canva has revealed a brand new marketplace for creators to create and upload their illustrations, templates, and photography and make it available through Canva’s content library. And all that while earning money!

Creator’s marketplace is finally here

#9 Canva Developer Marketplace

Developers marketplace with Canva API

Just like the creators’ marketplace, Canva now allows developers to take advantage of the new App Marketplace with the new Canva API. That means that developers from all over the world can enable all kinds of app integrations through Canva, creating innovative apps.

#10 Canva Text-To-Image App

Similar to DALL-E, you can now type anything and Canva will generate a realistic image or illustration for it based on AI and machine learning.

Here is what my image looks like based on “a cat holding a camera”:

“A cat holding a camera” auto-generated image from Canva Text-To-Image


These are just some of the new features on top of what’s already available in Canva. I think if you’re a a content creator and you’re not using Canva yet – it’s definitely time to join now.



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