Homeschooling Reason 3

The only gang in homeschool is the learner with the parents. I guess we are familiar with this issue. School violence is so rampant in the US, perhaps anywhere else in the world. There are many factors why violence happens in schools. One of these is a lack of parental guidance. Most modern middle-class families have little time for kids. Both are busy for earning a living. Some children could be products of broken homes and love isn’t taught or felt at home with too much ambition that home building was neglected.

This can also be exacerbated by the use of prohibited drugs since there are no adults around to supervise youngsters at home. When left alone this dilemma could be brought in schools. Sometimes if not most of the times, deadly weapons are carried by kids who were not taught of proper human relationships at home. There are times that they can escape the security guards. This is dangerous as killings could happen inside the campus, not to mention if suspects took drugs before the commission of the crime. It is so chilling the thought if your kids are in a certain school were riot took place or rapid mass killing took place while you are at work. What do you think? This is not fearmongering but a repeated incident happened many times in schools with psychopathological surroundings.

Not to mention the stress and psychological traumas to the victims who survived the ordeal. Bullying also can inspire violence. I’d learned too when I studied at the University of Newcastle that bullies were once bullied. This means there is a vicious cycle where the bullied can also bully others. Oftentimes bullying happens in dark places, or where there are no adults around in school. We can think of almost anything what would happen to our kids, instead of having them with us at home. When the negative happens it is too late to change our minds. In my book “Before Becoming a Teacher” there is a calculation of how many are bullied every day in public and private schools combined. Bullying can start when low performing students are teased for being slow in class and this can escalate to killing either the bullied or the bully. Both the bullied and the bully have their breaking points, it’s just matter of time when. When this happens, you guess what’s going to happen next. We often hear this in media where a student stabbed the teacher, a student stabbed fellow student and many times mass shooting. While writing this, I remember the [1]Columbine High School Massacre in 1999 by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who were both senior high school students. They were victims of bullying. I will not talk about the details of the horrifying, cold-blooded massacre. But many psychologists considered them to be psychopaths. The experiences they had as being bullied may have exacerbated the reasons for mass murder. It could be one of the compounding reasons of hatred for humanity. This explains why they kill students, teachers and police officers.

Another thing also, some students who misbehave in class will be reprimanded before others. This can be humiliating and students began to hate schools or swear to take revenge in any way they can. While others are under the carrot and sticks reinforcement like what corporations do with their workers: higher pay to work harder, like students having better grades when they perform harder. Familiar? Dogs when trained to please the master exactly undergoes such training. Feeding them with cookies after the performance. This strategy will not work for freethinking students.

Moreover, I am familiar with how to deal with a behavior problem. If the first line of discipline does not work, harsher disciplines like negative reinforcement to punishment is applied, then response cost and overcorrections are done and so on. If still, it does not work, then [2]Ritalin is the last option which has dangerous side effects. The good thing is, we do not have a scenario like this yet. The kids are drugged so that they can behave. If they are not drugged, at least they are dragged out of the classroom and the teachers will say to the parents ”your kids may have attention problems” , even if you know that that is the way they learn. How would you like to hear that your kids are noisome in the class and were often reprimanded? Sometimes parents do not know that their kids were kinesthetic students; that they learn better when they roam around. Yet the schools imposed to them to sit all day. What makes us think our kids will learn that way?

However, when kids are left on their own at home with all the materials to learn. They will pick these up and help themselves to learn. We do not need reinforcement, neither a schedule for them when to learn. We can teach them freestyle learning. Einstein described this succinctly when he said that, “I do not teach pupils, I only provide conditions in which they learn”. When my kids started to pick up books, I join them and started sounding out letters. They follow me willingly. When my kids started to identify numbers, I taught them addition, not on the table, not in front of the board but while lying on the bed through using my hands. I associate the objects with animals they like to stir their interest, then I prompt them to count and they do.We can do this if we sense which time they are most attentive such as morning, afternoonor evening.

Make sense? Yes! Try this at home. Don’t believe me because I’d been in academia for many years, neither for the credentials I have, but because these are plain common sense. Do this and see how it works with your kids. For me, not all learners learn the same. It may be that your kids will learn differently than my own. There is no standard and universal methods of teaching the kids. More often than not, kids enjoy home life and learning at home when their parents are their teachers, instead of proxies, surrogates or paid psychological mercenaries to teach them.

Above all, all persons inside the house are known to them. No strangers that your kids do not know can teach them, nor harass them. We cannot also find bullies. Parents have natural love and patient with their kids learning styles. We haven’t mastered home life with our kids, neither did we have in-depth knowledge of how they learn because we focused on “something else” which can be delegated elsewhere. It is so sad that we have the nerve to let strangers teach them in a dangerous and unpredictable environment we fondly called schools.

Jethro A. Jimenez, MSSPED, MEDSPED, Homeschooler



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