Perennial Bullying

I think it is funny to say that schools implement an anti-bullying policy. if in the first place, the environment creates that. If kids were only homeschooled bullying would not happen. there is much reason why bullying happened. Last night the psychologist said on the TV that the bully was once bullied. this is right, afterward, they bully who they can bully, usually smaller or weaker prey, so that they can feel justified or as vengeance only that to a different person. another is, they bully so that they will be accepted in a gang as an initiation rite. some bully to show they are powerful physically,some try to cover the weakness in academics so that they will be respected somehow with peers because they were slow in academics as a defense mechanism. some bully as tripping, while the rest bully to express anger as repressed or suppressed feelings toward schools from home or hatred toward the school system that do not understand them or did not cater their skills. Usually, this escalates with repeated bullying until it reaches the breaking point and the bullied can think that the only way to exterminate bullying is to exterminate the one who does so. Otherwise, the bullied have self-defense technique, but even then when they have the self-defense, the usual force will result in more force. in short, there can be endless of putting fire with fire or eye for an eye. this is why I do not think we can solve that with the stupid anti-bullying policy if we only scratch the surface. The two best advice I can give on this two: one is not easy while the other is the best. first, close down schools since it is the environment that triggers or sets the stage for bullying. Second, homeschool the kids. In the US performed above average in their statewide test than public school students. Consequently, and it is possible that we can create more Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Serena Williams, C.S. Lewis, Washington, Lincoln, Tagore, and so one. the movers and shakers were mostly homeschooled, individuals. What took place in Sasa Bangoy Elementary school is just only a case, expect more to come. Reading Columbine Massacre reminded me that bullying was one of the horrendous reasons of the crime, that was one of the compounding reasons of the wrath of the subjects by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It is never far away that we can expect more of it. WE do not need a stratospheric intelligence to analyze the situation, we only need common sense, but the problem is we no longer have the common sense. It can be said that the problem with common sense is that it is no longer common. Scratching the surface will never help, abolition will or pull out the kids, especially those who have special needs who are often the prey of bullying. Like it or not, their need may not be met in schools and our kids might be a victim, we just don’t while we work so hard for the stupid piece of paper which is abundant and can be captured if we used common sense while sacrificing our kids to hellish, emotionally dangerous and brainwashing place. No normal parents will never agree on this and no normal parents will allow their kids to be traumatized. we say that’s part of the world, but remember your one-time the sweet child may be irritable to talk to you as he gets home because of what took place in the school that you do not know. the changes of your kid’s behavior are just only a sign or one of the red flags. They are no longer lovely but rebellious. I notice these with some kids if not all. they might think why they should send me to school when I can learn at home and they will say I hate schools. In the process, they can only think of revenge, rebellion, or truancy. It creates a domino effect. This is why homeschool is the best which was once a norm in the US and the world, instead of letting the state educate them. Your kids are not of the state-it is yours. The state did not conceive of them. This is why parents have the greatest moral responsibility of training the young, not the state mandated curriculum and surrogates who never know your kid on the deepest level and chances are they will not be taught well in a questionable teacher and students ratio. I made a book on this. I hope we can discuss more on this. For now, schools aren’t they intend to be nor are they what we think of them. pull out the kids make them greater students to stand with the elite thinkers, movers, and shakers of human history and advance our civilization in a mighty and unparalleled in human history. we undermined so much the brain that God gave us. we prolonged schools and dumbed down our kids with parroting, without individuality, originality, freedom, and freethinking. Our predestined Teslas, Einsteins, Edisons are dying with what we do. I doubt if ever we can make them with schools for it does only the opposite in terms of intelligence and emotional skills. when we destroy these, expect a human being lowered down to the animal level or robotic existence or timid and pygmied souls. these are only a few reasons why I believe in homeschooling. More to come when things get rough and rougher.

Jethro A. Jimenez, MEDSPED, MSSPED

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