Let’s Talk Immigration
Mom with a Ph.D.

I’m absolutely pro-Immigration. It’s true that our country was founded on Immigration, and it thrives on it. Especially when its done right, it can thrive all the more so. And it’s great if you want to take up the cause of supporting Immigrants, and even defending illegal immigrants. However…A couple of points.

One small point. You said that undocumented immigrants could still pay taxes. You didn’t elaborate as to what would motivate any one of them to bother to do so, though. They get paid less than minimum wage most of the time, so there would have to be a motivating factor for them to want to support a government that wasn’t accepting them legally.

One enormous point. You seem to be very pro-immigration, even pro-illegal immigration so I need to say this. You’ve done them a grave disservice in your article. With your claim that having the government go after companies that hire illegal immigrants, that would just cause the companies to pay out huge fines, and hike up prices. That’s your defense. You realize that what you’ve just basically said is,”Legal citizens will have to pay more for those companies’ products and services, so it’s better to let the companies use slaves right here in America.” The problem with this ‘defense’ is that is exactly what the problem is. Forget that it might take jobs away from legal citizens. Think about the fact that these companies are paying people under the table, not only are they often not paying taxes, but even if they are or we ignore that part of it, they’re paying them peanuts, to live off of, and the companies have virtually no accountability for whatever they want to do to their illegal workers. They can work them night and day, without holidays, no lunches or breaks, no sick days or paid vacation time, no safety regulation worries since they aren’t following the rules anyway. If one of these illegal/undocumented immigrants gets hurt on the job, good luck suing for that. Then if they are sexually harassed, abused physically and, or mentally, that is also something they will have to put up with if they are working there just to survive. If they try to leave, I’ve heard of cases of these illegal immigrants being beaten for trying to leave, just like a slave, and being threatened to be turned over to immigration authorities, and since many of them can’t communicate in English well, they have even less of a chance of feeling like they can defend themselves. They have to work for slave wages, not enough to live by, and in some companies yes they are worked far more hours than they would legally be allowed to work anyone, without any breaks or anything, they are mistreated, abused in many ways, and they can’t do anything about it. This is slavery and you just endorsed it. So I would look long and hard at your own logic there if you truly care about other human beings.