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Tell me, where were you in 2007? College? Junior High? Not born yet? Because let me tell you, I remember where I was in 2007. I was nine and in elementary school. The boys in my class were enthusiastically chatting away about their favorite channels, and their new videos they had collaborated on making (it was usually just the five of them lipsyncing to the radio with their snapbacks on).

YouTube began in 2005. If you knew, you knew — the virality of videos back then was something else, and definitely accumulated a cult following that was unlike anything YouTube…

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Boy, do I hate writing sometimes. I stare at the screen. My fingers pitter-patter over the keys instinctively, as I watch the letters quickly form into words. Even when I don’t exactly know what I’m trying to say, the text builds on itself, like little worker ants making their colony. By the end of the process, I either have to go back and refine everything, or be satisfied enough with the piece to share it.

Writing is silent. It’s thankless. No one knows exactly how much time or effort you spent writing something.

Not to mention, self-proclaimed “non-readers” won’t even…


I write about things and people.

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