7 Laws of Wealth by Ben Benson

So obvious and trivial that are so needed to repeat again and again

  1. Absolute absolute control of yourself — things that you are doing on a daily basis, to be able to step up, to be able to do what they want to do in their lives.

If you want to have things different, do different, cause what you have is the result of your decisions from the past.

When the need is big enough, you will learn to control all kind of stuff or events that you believed you can’t control.

2. Understand what I am best with — by abilities and skills that can be commercialized.

  • what I do well,
  • what I do better than most,
  • how can I create value for people doing this things.

3. Set the strategy for future, get around the people that are significantly better than you are;

4. Execute: do what you said you are gonna do. Boldness and audacity yield results;

5. Create value: demand vs ability to make it happen vs difficulty in replacing;

6. Seek growth for your business;

7. Give back.

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