A search of a problem for a startup

The hardest thing [for me], apart from finding a couple of like-minded slightly crazy and adventurous individuals that share the same desire of making things happen, is having RIGHT problem to solve. Even though many won’t agree that it is the most important in a short and intensive startup life.

Here I need to explain myself: by the adjective“right” I mean something that would inspire (and keep awake at night / wake up at 4 am and make work in your free time) and would be worth solving (hopefully you want to create a world a better place and someone _needs_ what you are doing).

Personally, I divide all the people into two categories: those who can see the problems and “good” problems are around them (I am sincerely envying this type) and those who got used to “things as they are”.

To cut the long story short, check this brilliant ted talk. And start questioning reality. At least noticing it.

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