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SW Stockholm Health & Wellness. Day 2


What a blessing to be on a SW health vertical! Only here you can hear: What? Muffins? What are you treating us with? It is a health and wellness vertical! And the next phrase — Will be anything vegan for breakfast tomorrow? — makes me feel the joy of finding a brother after 30 years of separation.))

‘In a mad world, only mad are sane.’ — Akira Kurosawa

I have always been little bit a food weirdo. No meat, but fish? Now even no fish? What, no dairy products now? Only fresh unboiled rice in the mornings? No alcohol at all even on Midsommar? Now only red wine? Baked apples for breakfast yoghurt with and no bread with yeast? ..What is happening here?.. Having analysed my food habits, seems that I also have a startup apporoach in the food — assumptions testing, iterating and learning.

Having as an aim to celebrate 120 years anniversary, it all makes my life choice little bit harder. And as a real startuper I am living in a rollercoster world: sometimes I think —oh, fck it. We all will die anyway, why is all that? Can you be just normal? Haha, what is ‘normal’? To eat meat and bread together and cakes with coffee for breakfast? And as a result to suffer from some kind of a disease for 20–25 years and to die in a pain? Not good, not good.

Science say that 95% of health depends of what we eat and only 5% on sports (usually people think exactly vice verse). I promise not to impose my food culture on anyone. But figures are quite impressive: think twice before putting anything into your mouth.

One thought/question was haunting me so some time already — what is to be healthy? So I bothered to ask Stockholm Startup Weekend participants what they think about. Answers were:

  • Optimal body functionality
  • Not to be sick
  • Full of energy
  • Mental health & energy to do something

For me it not only when nothing hurts, but more when you have the willingness, desire, passion to live. And THAT has a direct dependency on the your energy level and on your conscious choice of actually to be happy, which is the easiest and the hardest choice in your life to make.

Now enjoy one of my favourite composers Lalo Schifrin and have a good night!

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