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Fun Apes is a collection of animated apes, inspired by candy and the desire for sweets. Each ape doubles as your membership pass to the community and grants access to member only benefits, the first which is access to THE LAB. The Fun Apes will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Each Fun Ape is unique and randomly generated from over 150 possible traits, including fun colours, accessories, eyes and more. All Apes are absolutely delicious and some are rarer than others. There are also 7 legendary 1 of 1s, which are extremely special.

First designs of traits by @sigma_and_omega


Fun Apes live on the planet FUNS, which is believed to be a thousand light years away from any other life forms. They have advanced technological space equipment, all built by their famous scientist BonBon. He is a firm believer that there are other forms of life and has devoted his life to proving it. Dr.BonBon has been looking for a highly toxic liquid named “FA-22” that burns for eternity. This liquid would be a major breakthrough in space exploration.

After years of searching, FA-22 is finally found by his crew. Dr.BonBon can now test his rocket prototype. He’s about to launch it and everything goes to plan, apart from one thing — two young apes prank the scientist by secretly throwing candy into the generator filled with the liquid. The fusion of the two leads to a mega explosion soon after launch. There is candy and fluid flying everywhere, melting away and mutating all things and beings on the planet.

Apes cannot believe their eyes, their planet is now filled with toxic candy. The council had to imprison the scientist for the disaster he’s created, but without him they cannot explore space anymore. They now have to seek adventure and fun within their own planet. As days pass, they start to accept their new life and live as the Fun Apes we see today. What a sweet disaster.

DR.BonBon — Where it all went wrong


WEB3 is all about innovation and continuously providing value to holders. It is our firm belief that in order to build a strong community, a project has to be a real contender. The NFT space has cycles of trends that appear out of thin air and then are forgotten a week later. However, the one constant has always been Twitter. In fact, “Twitter accounts for more than 70% of traffic on OpenSea” — Nicholas Kitonyi.

Our aim is to build one of the strongest, if not the strongest communities in the NFT space. How are we going to do this? We will explain shortly.


If you are in WEB3, you definitely have Twitter & if you do not, then we highly recommend you set an account up. It is the social hub for NFTs & information - no other social media platform competes.

Fun Apes will utilise Twitters’ API and create a gamified experience for holders. After our mint, holders will be able to access “THE LAB”, this is where you will need to connect your wallet & Twitter account. Once set up, holders will be able to access a number of daily challenges and claim rewards bi-weekly. Completing these challenges will allow holders to gain points by tweeting, creating fan art & more. There are a number of ways to climb the leader-board, this includes multipliers based on specific traits, quantity held & more. Leaderboard Example

The aim of the system we have set up is for holders to earn from contributing to the growth of the project. We could have gone down the traditional route of setting up our own token, as most project do. However, our team saw the opportunity to grow within an eco-system that is already set up and successful in WEB3. The Fun Apes founder is a MAYC holder and he would like to contribute to one of the most reputable brands in the space, while giving everyone the opportunity to join the eco-system without the financial expenses.

Holders will be rewarded with $Ape Coin on a Bi-weekly basis. The benefits of rewarding holders with $Ape Coin are as follows; (1) Price increase as the eco-system grows (2) staking of $Ape Coin (3) support from holders within the Yuga Labs eco-system.

We have developed a tiered system based on points earned on a Bi-weekly basis. The way our leader-board operates is by distributing a percentage of $APE to the following tiers:
(1) Top 100
(2) 101–500
(3) 501–1.5k
(4) 1.5k+

The team will put aside a set amount of mint revenue to purchasing $Ape. This will then be distributed to holders, based on whichever tier they are in after the Bi-weekly missions are over. Holders in tier 1 can expect to earn between $10–40 (depending on price of $APE). We know that some people may not take part in the missions & that’s completely fine, because it means more $Ape for those that do. Hence, everyone in tier 4 will be added to a raffle, so all holders still get a chance of winning. $Ape is not the only reward for holders, we aim to continuously provide value upon value.

We understand this is not passive income, which excites a lot of people. However, most if not all projects that offer passive income tend to lose value over time, due to powers outside of their control i.e. funding or external investments. We also know that these projects lose traction and engagement drops off, by a tremendous amount. The challenges we set up will not be bleak, it will allow us to form a super community and while the team provides value and more benefits, our holders will be able to spread the project’s progress all over WEB3. This is the real definition of build for the community and the community will build for you.

Fun Apes investing a set amount of mint revenue into $Ape coin, means that we have full belief in the eco-system Yuga Labs is building. After all, 1 $Ape = 1 $Ape.

Tweet to Reveal

Once we have minted out, we will be utilising a very unique system in order to carry out the reveal process. We will be tracking Twitters’ API and once an X amount of mentions have been tracked, the collection will automagically start to reveal. This method will also bring a lot of attention on the Fun Apes brand. This is something, we have not seen anyone implement during the reveal process. It’s fun & unique.


Founder: @Jahncrypto
Strategic Advisor: @8R4NDO
Communications Manager: @gigi_loveeth
Community Manager: GSKNNFT
Artist: @Goose
Developer: @Yellow
Discord Manager: @Officialw0z
Discord Events Manager: @GLalvani
Discord Moderator: @likaam2
Musician: @marcus_levar
Video Animator: @CryptoKeezi
Animator: Mohamed

Fun Apes — Core Team
Fun Apes — Core Team: Creator
Fun Apes — Creator Team
Fun Apes — Discord Team



T2E is one small part of our plan. We don’t provide our community with false hopes, we will do whatever it takes to be at the forefront of WEB3. We understand that by providing a roadmap gives our holders a sense of direction, however there is more to Fun Apes than just a roadmap. The NFT space moves fast and founding teams often find it hard to adapt to market conditions, because they limit themselves to a single vision (roadmap). We aim to be as innovative as possible. Therefore the 2.0 part of the roadmap, gives us the ability to introduce new ideas for the community.

Our aim is to truly build the strongest brand in the space and we will achieve this in one way or another. Just imagine the power of 1000 people working together… UNSTOPPABLE!

It has taken over 8 months to develop this project. We did not want to launch something that wouldn’t have a solid foundation and just fade away. We made sure that every aspect of our brand has been considered, including team, utility, artwork and long-term vision. We are Fun Apes!



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