Testnet Extension: Announcing Funarcade’s testnet extension amidst a massive positive response

3 min readMay 23


Hello fam,

We are thrilled to share that the Funarcade testnet program has been extended till May 31 following an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community.

Testnet details

To participate in the testnet, users must connect their wallets and provide their wallet addresses for reward distribution. It’s important to note that username registration is unavailable during the test period.

There are seven missions to complete,

  • each involving testing each game 10 times (5 times in each currency) and
  • providing relevant feedback

Testers who complete all seven missions, including leaving feedback at least once, will qualify for the rewards. Upon completing the first six missions,

  • a feedback form will appear,
  • allowing testers to provide feedback up to five times

Once all seven missions are completed, testers will be eligible for the testnet rewards.


Rewards are divided into three pools based on input quality:

Users who provide relevant feedback receive 15% (150,000 tokens)

Users who leave good/detailed feedback receive 40% (400,000 tokens)

Users who submit great/very useful feedback receive 45% (450,000 tokens)

A step-by-step guide to participating in the testnet

Our testnet takes place on the Arbitrum Goerli Test network. Please add the network to your wallet by following the steps provided here.

After adding the Arbitrum Goerli network, users can acquire FUN and funUSD from our faucet on Funarcade.io. These tokens are needed to complete the testnet tasks.

Step 1: Go to the Funarcade site: https://funarcade.io/

Step2: click Faucet on the top right corner

Step 3: Paste your address and click submit. You will receive test tokens from the faucet

Step4: Goto games site: https://funarcade.io/games

Step 5: To log in, choose a wallet of your choice. For example, MetaMask.

Step 6: Deposit test tokens

(Note, Steps 1 and 6 can be skipped by connecting the wallet to the games site first, then pasting the funarcade deposit address into the faucet)

Step7: Click the testnet missions button

Step8: Choose the mission

Step 9: Click on Mission 1

Step 10: Complete the testing of the game

Step 11: Leave your feedback at least once to win exciting rewards

After you have completed Steps1–11, you can take a screenshot and claim your rewards here: https://zealy.io/c/funarcade/questboard

For more details, also read our Gitbook: https://funarcade.gitbook.io/fa-docs-v2/testnet/testnet

Medium announcement: https://medium.com/@funarcade/funarcade-announces-testnet-launch-participate-now-and-win-tokens-a66d082f4650

Do Note: Testnet should only be done on our desktop site and not our mobile site

Loved our games? Become a Funarcade Ambassador and win big!

We’re excited to announce our Testnet now includes the groundbreaking FUNARCADE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM!

As a Funarcade Tester and Ambassador, you’ll have the exclusive chance to try out our casino games while earning precious Funarcade Tokens (FAT) as a reward!

To become an ambassador, please fill in your details here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfyqI7jaW8Whf-mI5zByOIreS9aOih2IutkNkcAXsko39bxig/viewform

Become part of our phenomenal journey!

About Funarcade

Funarcade is a community-focused casino committed to providing everyone with a fun and fair gaming experience. Our platform offers various games, including lotteries and sports betting. Our games are transparent and provably fair, giving every player a level playing field. With the introduction of Funarcade Token (FAT), owners can earn rewards and stake FAT to earn a portion of platform profits. We believe that by leveraging blockchain technology and community ownership, we can create a more inclusive and equitable gaming experience for all. Join us on this journey to the future of gaming.

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