Replying to a statement containing no personal attacks with nothing but an onslaught of…
Brent Cottontail Kennedy

Your wasting my time and your own, surprised someone of your clearly FIERCE intellect would waste such time on it. Have you considered some humility? That you may be wrong? That one man, as brilliant and genius as I am sure you consider yourself, maybe doesn’t have the relevant knowledge and nuance to critique an exceptionally complicated global system?

Our current system is producing global economic prosperity (we have less poor the world over than ever before thanks to the brilliance of capitalism, highest living standards in history.) and it’s kind of disingenuous to enjoy the fruits of the system you rail against? It’s so nauseating to see you and idiots like the author who are in the 0.01 percent of human prosperity globally to bitch and moan about the riches of the 0.1 percent.

I am sure your self-assessed IQ above those of mere plebeians such as myself justifies your haughty attitude, but you jumped straight into personal attacks so I will gladly reply in kind.

The sheer arrogance you have to critique the system that has given you the lifestyle you enjoy is breathtaking.

Your not some global think tank policy expert, your a self-important pseudo intellectual signalling their virtuous anger at injustice while doing nothing to actually fix said injustices (if they exist at all).

Do you live in a communist anti-capitalist country? No of course you don’t, because that system does not work, countless failed attempts throughout history.

I love your introduction banner the narcissism and self-aggrandizement is hilarious.

“He who has to declare himself king is no king at all”

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