3 Tips To Help You Declutter Faster

Is your home an intimate sanctuary wreaking of style and comfort, or is it more like an episode of Hoarders? You probably fall somewhere between a solid attempt at your Pinterest home decor dream board, and sentimental packrat status. You’re not alone.

Happiness starts at home. Instead of cleaning, organizing, and reorganizing the hodgepodge, how about tossing it? Want less maintenance and more free time? Decluttering is the solution. We can renew or even reinvent our living space when we identify what is essential, and ditch the rest. Use these three guidelines to simplify the evaluation process.

Easy does it. Start with the easy stuff, like the things we undoubtedly have too many of: towels, hangers, pens, mugs, magazines, and books. The closet is a gold mine. Do a walk-through of your home, and identify the obvious things that you no longer use. We gain confidence and momentum when we start simple & steady, and have visible progress to show for our efforts.

Everything in your home needs to have a home. Think, A place for everything, and everything in its place. It helps you decide what is worth finding space for, and what can be eliminated. Make a specific case for how often you use an item, and if it’s worth making space for to maintain and store. Keep floor space and counter surfaces clear; that tends to be where the homeless knick-knacks collect.

Anything that gives you a second, or a fifth, thought, get rid of it. When in doubt, throw it out. Own only the beautiful and the useful. If you’ve questioned it more than twice, it’s not an essential, and you more likely are keeping it out of fear or guilt, rather than necessity. Keep those things that serve a clear function, or bring a smile to your face. This allows your living space to be an authentic reflection of your personal style.

Take it room by room, one surface at a time, and don’t overthink it. When you get rid of stuff, don’t look back. Be confident in your decisions; you know you. Decluttering is an ongoing process, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep at it!

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