Capsule Wardrobe Power Dressing

As long as we’re practicing good hygiene, what is so offensive about repeating an outfit? Arianna Huffington’s recent reclamation of repeat fashion is a game-changer. She explains, “when we’re able to reclaim all the time and energy lost to picking out clothes and getting ready, we’ll gain a serious competitive advantage.” Less energy spent worrying about what to wear allows for our time, energy, and creativity to get channeled toward productive things, like our priorities and our goals.

Minimalism is a philosophy based in conscious choices that preserve our values, and shift our focus toward what’s important. This plays a positive role in our personal style. By simplifying our wardrobes and abiding by repeats, we can look amazing, feel confident, and get more done.

The fashion industry wants to make money, so of course they’re going to perpetuate an idea that makes them more of it. They make us feel like the fashion police are coming for us if we recycle an outfit instead of buying new clothes. The real crime would be to not repeat an outfit that made us feel like a professional warrior goddess. The minimalist solution is to cultivate a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal collection of stylish, versatile pieces that work for you. It’s a limited number of clothing based on the idea of repeating outfits that slay, by only keeping pieces that make us feel like a shiny penny. Owning only a few flattering favorites minimizes the morning headache of getting ready, and prevents the stress of not knowing what to wear. We don’t want to waste precious, finite resources like time, energy, and sleep, to overcomplicate something simple. How we feel in our clothes is crucial. Our personal aesthetic is a chic form of self-expression when we choose to work what works for us. All we need are some flattering staples that make us feel unique, comfortable, and confident.

Applying minimalism to our closets and getting ready routines promotes more time for the important stuff, like work, play, and rest. It is a shift in thinking, not just our approach to our closets. It’s not really a question of repeats. It’s a question of how we want to live our lives. How do you want to live yours? Do you want to spend your life agonizing over energy vampire tasks like your closet, or achieve your goals & create meaningful experiences?

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