Blockchain, traditional business and Fundaria’s Stakes sale strategy

Stakes sale periods

ICO is a phenomenon of public money, cluttered in the bubble of investment restrictions, broken free for investing in everything new, related to the blockchain. Public mostly well understand and clearly see the effect of bitcoin’s value increasing. The main reason why people love to invest money in ICOs is because they are often related to the blockchain, which in its turn is tied to bitcoin. Such binding automatically increase value of the most ICO projects.

That’s why we can see more ICOs which take some traditional business and link them to the blockchain. This can be accounting (PayPie), porno industry (Kencoin), speech recognition platform (Anryze), inheritance service (DigiPulse) and many more.

At the same time we almost don’t see how usual traditional business idea, which weakly linked to the blockchain use ICO to raise funds. Why is it so? It takes place because lack of connection to the blockchain automatically decrease value of the business idea in eyes of cryptofollowers. So many ideas become successful only because teams add magical blockchain to their product functionality.

What benefits does the blockchain give? At first the blockchain gives data transparency and authenticity. Bitcoin is the public financial asset and the blockchain brilliantly fits the needs, making this asset public transparent currency. Such currency can become a great power supply for any infrastructure of linked business entities.

When we talk about tokens, they in most cases become such a public confirmations of investment in some project. Their algorithmic origin and environment let establish speculative schemes, making them attractive investment agent for the public. At the same time the U.S. law restrictions inhibit using tokens as full functional company shares.

Fundaria is the project which intents to open gate for non-blockchain traditional business ideas to crypto community. Fundaria hosted projects tokens are called Stakes and give the right to receive dividends from businesses profits. Fundaria intends to develop business development tools for managing finance, time, projects, tasks and assets. Such tools can be used for initial business planning and may become proof of quality of business intentions for investors.

To make Stakes even more attractive for investors, Fundaria suggests to customize and generate Ethereum contract, having put speculative algorithms to Stakes supplyings. For example Fundaria itself, as an idea which provides its own Stakes sale, have bonus sale period, providing significant advantage for early investors. Early investors share 10% of supplied Stakes among themselves, regardless of the whole amount of invested ether during the bonus period. For example if during the bonus period there is only 1 investor, who will buy Stakes on 5 ether, that investor will get the whole 10%. Such condition protects rare early investors from risk of decreasing Stakes value because of low demanded Stakes sale and attract them at the same time. The less investors will be involved in the bonus sale — the more Stakes every invested ether will gain. And if all bonus Stakes will be sold, even then the maximum price for bonus Stake will be set as half of the regular sale price. Of course these are described Fundaria Idea conditions, but every project hosted on Fundaria can set their own percentage and period while customizing contract. Or even choose another bonus scheme.

Fundaria also invents “post sale”. Instead of burning unsold Stakes or remain them for team, these Stakes will be offered for the long period after end date of regular sale for minimum price which is higher than regular sale price. Fundaria does not establish minimum sale cap, because it has already had working pre-alfa idea development part and the version for initial needed business planning which is the part of future business development tools. This enough to post business ideas and actually run Fundaria. That is why the minimum cap is not needed. And post sale is the another side of such elastic approach. Fundaria’s strategy is giving a chance to demonstrate itself in business activity for every business project, even if it couldn’t gather enough attention for performing full Stakes sale cap. So post sale is the ability to proceed process of attracting investors at the stage of initial business development. Since the post sale Stakes price will be higher, such ability is the profitable for regular Stakes sale investors.

Summarizing this all, Fundaria’s strategy is let any business idea, even the one that does not have enough promotion, to receive a chance of implementation and at the same time protect investors interests and offer attractive speculative deals.