Design and the Self
Irene Au

Surely, this has to be a case of putting the cart before the horse…

“Have you ever witnessed a company that was afraid to turn away easy revenue opportunities that didn’t make sense for the product? That is an outcome of greed.”
“Fear, greed, and attachment are just a few examples of ego-based afflictions that can plague any company. They dilute the purity of the true intention behind what is being made.”
“Consider how emotionally hard it can be to cut products that have already been designed and manufactured and to eliminate jobs for 3000 employees.”

I find it almost immoral to advocate “to eliminate jobs for 3000 employees” because their activities “dilute the purity of the true intention”.

Even though I tend to agree with the gist of your essay, I have a hard time with that particular line of reasoning. Design isn’t an end in itself, is it?

Our designs should incorporate the needs of the business, users, technology … and only in the last place the needs of ‘the design’ (let alone the designer).

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