FTD and Fundera Partner to Get Florists the Capital They Need

Aug 14, 2014 · 3 min read

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Fundera.com. By Jared Hecht

There’s no question that small business lending is broken. We’ve got 12 million small businesses applying for bank loans every year, and 80% are getting their applications rejected. That’s right — 80%. Access to capital is, without a doubt, still one of the biggest pain points for business owners.

At Fundera, our sole mission is to help small business owners get the capital they need to grow by helping them look outside the world of traditional bank loans. We are continuously looking for creative channels to reach business owners as well as opportunities to work with partners who have the same desire to help them thrive. One such company that embodies this same mission is FTD Companies, Inc., which is why we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the floral company to power a small business loan center for their florist network on their website at www.FTDi.com.

FTD is one of the largest floral and gifting companies, working with an expansive network of florists globally and across the U.S. Through their online resource center, education programs and quarterly newsletters, the company helps independent florists stay abreast of all the latest trends — both industry specific and business wide. Together with Fundera, FTD will be expanding resources available for its customer base and helping those in need of working capital. “FTD is always looking for ways to help their members grow their businesses,” says Heath Mielke, VP of Membership and Member Solutions at FTD. “By introducing them to Fundera, we are giving florists the opportunity to seek out ways to obtain working capital within a secure and transparent manner.”

One of the most frustrating parts of applying for a loan is the time in which it takes. By visiting the loan center, FTD members simply fill out one, singular application and Fundera will match them with the loan products they’re eligible for and submit their application to the lenders they like. Instead of shopping and applying lender by lender, FTD members can shop and apply all in one place. They will also be paired with their very own success agent who will educate them on the details of the products and be honest and transparent about which option is best for their business. FTD members can now find funding fast, free and without ever leaving our site.

It’s our hope that through this partnership we can continue to educate and reach new business owners, while getting one step closer to our goal of getting every small business owner the capital they deserve. We’re proud to call FTD a partner and are excited to assist their florist members by providing access to small business lending options.

Originally published at www.fundera.com on August 14, 2014.

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