The Economics of a Kickstarter Project 
Cameron Moll

Real Net Worth ☺

I can totally relate to your story. The amount of admin work involved is insane. Once started, a crowdfunding project can literally become a full time job so the idea of netting that amount is less than inspiring.

The upside is you turned it into something positive. I just bought two versions of your print/book (Brookyln and Brooklyn) and I know very little about art. I just know I like doing fun stuff that helps other people so thanks for giving me that opportunity.

Also, as an aside, the taxes due are based on the cash you received less the cost incurred to complete the project. So you’d only have to pay taxes on the frustratingly little amount you did net which should not be much on $5K and likely even $0 depending on your personal finances.

Hope this comment reminds you how universal it is for people to support each other when we have the courage to follow our dreams (and often even more when things get f*cked up). That’s really the best part and what makes your follow up article so special.

Life’s an adventure meant to be experienced. Thank you for letting me be part of your adventure. Given my kids were off school because of snow and I worked from home, this has been among the highlights of my day!

Susan Wilson, Founder & CEO of FundHer

P.S. As a serial entrepreneur and CPA who NEVER to practiced public accounting ON PURPOSE (which my parents fail to find entertaining 20 years after being the first in my family to graduate from college), I thought I’d point out your average hourly rate earned from this project is now likely tripled (though still less than $1/hour). BUT…if you count hugs and good wishes like McDonald’s, you’re probably a millionaire who owes no taxes!

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