3 Characteristics of Highly Effective Nonprofit Campaigns

Commitment and enthusiasm are the most important ingredients of a successful nonprofit campaign. Nevertheless, devising an effective strategy is more complex than one would expect and requires more than motivation and being determined not to give up. If your experience with nonprofit campaigns is limited, we recommend you to start by checking the next 3 main characteristics of effective campaigns. You can also find more advice on http://fundlio.com/blog/

Defining your goals clearly

Think very well about what you want to achieve through your new campaign. A well-formulated goal represents your campaign’s cornerstone and the entire structure will collapse at the slightest breath of wind or difficulty if you are not sure about your aim. After establishing your goal, you should detach several objectives from it, and make sure each objective will be accomplished through a corresponding strategy. Each strategy, in its turn, should consist of multiple tactics. The goal, in other words, is like a seed you plant and cultivate to grow a magnificent tree.

Having a good understanding of the campaign cycle

There is a cyclic pattern used for all types of campaigns, including marketing and public relation campaigns. This model consists of 5 main steps:

  1. Analyzing the issue
  2. Developing a strategy
  3. Planning the campaign
  4. Implementing your campaign plan and monitoring progress
  5. Evaluating campaign outcomes

These activities are cyclic because they repeat themselves throughout a nonprofit’s organization life. The findings you come across during the evaluation phase will serve as input for a new research phase, representing the beginning of a new campaign.

Being creative when you devise your campaign

You can achieve something original in terms of strategy or more simply, by thinking of some less usual or common tactics. Yes, updating your website, getting newspaper coverage and designing some great leaflets does help, but if you want to achieve something extraordinary, you’ll need to resort to your creativity and make your campaign stand out from the crowd. Have your previous nonprofit campaigns produced modest results? Then don’t go on the same path again and make a change — research some creative fundraising ideas, get some fresh insight from your mentor or a skilled volunteer, and always keep in touch with the latest nonprofit technology innovations.

Remember about the commitment and enthusiasm we mentioned in the beginning? As you go over your nonprofit campaign checklist, don’t forget about these two essential ingredients and always keep them at high levels; it’s no use achieving more knowledge if you lose your passion.

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