Nonprofit blog post ideas you can easily adapt to your organization

As a nonprofit leader or employee you have probably been there at least once: you need to come up with new blog post ideas by the end of the day and you have been looking at a daunting blank Word document for minutes in a row. The pressure of producing something original is what often causes lack of inspiration or writer’s block. The writers at know what it’s like.

But you know what? Checking our list of blog post ideas doesn’t mean you won’t produce one-of-a-kind content; it’s your personal approach and the examples taken from your nonprofit organization’s everyday activity what makes a blog post unique. Feel free to find your inspiration in the following suggestions:


  1. Interview with one of your donors
  2. Guest post from one of your most popular donors
  3. Leadership advice from an influential donor


  1. Interview with one of your volunteers
  2. Asking a volunteer to write a post on why they support your cause
  3. Volunteer reports of your recent event
  4. Showing how a loyal volunteer has developed their career by serving your organization
  5. Volunteer personal stories

Nonprofit resources

  1. Tips on how to make a difference in your supporters’ everyday life
  2. How-to’s and nonprofit advice
  3. Sharing a research study performed by your organization and its findings
  4. Speaking about partner organizations and their work
  5. Nonprofit book reviews
  6. Presenting blogs you regularly read


  1. Talking about your recent event and its outcomes
  2. Sharing takeaways from the last conference or event you have attended
  3. Sharing relevant news in your community, even if they are not directly related to your cause

Your nonprofit organization’s cause

  1. Presenting cases of underprivileged community members
  2. Talking about what would happen if your nonprofit didn’t exist anymore (make sure the ending has a hopeful note)
  3. Challenges your organization is facing

Your nonprofit’s impact

  1. Sharing success stories from your community
  2. Showing the impact that your organization’s activity has had on a community member
  3. Announcing your new projects and presenting results of past ones
  4. Showing how funds are being spent
  5. Presenting last year’s overall organization impact

The organization itself

  1. How your nonprofit was founded
  2. The nonprofit’s founder life story
  3. Presenting board members (use an informal, personal approach)
  4. News and announcements from your organization

Interacting with supporters

  1. Leadership messages from the board members
  2. Responding to blog reader inquiries
  3. Ideas on how you can serve your community


  1. Presenting donation processes
  2. Announcing your future fundraising plans
  3. Showing what your organization can achieve with various donation amounts

What other topics would you include in your blog posts? Share your ideas with us!

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