Reverse Marketing is a very unique concept through which you can grow your business and take it on the next level. The method refers to convert your sellers into buyers. There is lot of potential in this area. But we ignore it. Through reverse marketing you can reach at your untapped customers. It can be best technique to generate B2B sales leads.

How Reverse Marketing Works?

Now here is the question in front of you that how it works. It is very simple but an effective technique of marketing. You can effectively reach at your prospective customers by using this technique.As a business owner, you get lots of promotional mail from other business.

1-The first and no cost strategy is to check for the marketing mails which come in the company. Big company may have to plan for this but a small company can start the implementation instantly. Normally if a person is active on Internet he would get approx 20- 30 emails everyday. So say if there are 20 person working in an organisation on an average min 200 marketing mails would be coming. Intelligently it should be checked and for any service company 2–3 b2b leads can be generated. Just to ensure that all these mails reach to a specifically allotted sales person .

2 — Once this process is successful then all the functional head should be talked and trained that if any person / company is coming to see their service whether the company it is representing need their company services . If yes, no need to talk to the seller straight but reference be taken & given to the sales team to check out with the company.

Benefits of Reverse Marketing-

There are many benefits of reverse marketing. Both sme and big corporation can be benefitted from reverse marketing.

Can Grow B2B business- By using reversing marketing, you can grow your B2B business. It will help you to introduce yourself with new companies by converting your seller into prospective customer.

Good for Small Business- Small business have less resources for advertising. They cannot hire big sales team to generate sales leads. They can also put cost on advertising. In that case, reverse marketing can be an effective method to tap your prospective clients. Although, it takes some time to research for an emailer and filter out prospective customers.

Cost Effectiveness– It is an cost effective method to generate sales leads. It takes no cost. You don’t need to hire the person with specific skills. You can assign anyone in your office to filter out emails and find out the phone number of owners.

Saves Time-It can save lots of time which you put into generating sales leads by other medium. Instead of checking mail in a week or month, check it regularly. It will take only an hour to prepare the list of your prospective customers.

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