Fund Platform: manage investments like one, two, three

Today’s economy needs new solutions and technologies to develop. That’s why for evolution and changes in economic situation it’s essential for small villages or towns to keep up with times.

In Japanese Okayama prefecture the authorities are now planning to hold the initial coin offering (ICO) for the first time to improve the economic situation in the village of Nishiawakura. Local government intends to work with will be working with Blockchain technology providers and now are in the planning stage. However now they already have difficulties with the choice of a platform for ICO. The authorities don’t want to use either Ethereum or Waves as they can be difficult for local people to use.

Fund Platform uses NEM technology which allows to control expenses of collected funds without any special knowledge. The investment platform is simple and transparent to use. It can become a reliable partner for projects like those in Nishiawakura village.

One more advantage of Fund Platform is that the transactions on NEM are much faster than on Ethereum or Waves. So created funds with tokens will be among the winners.

Fund Platform is a universal platform that brings together traders and investors. With Fund Platform it’s possible to create your own cryptofunds within minutes. 
The platform will provide safe, fast and transparent transactions and can be used by newcomers and experienced players on the market.

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