Hot News: Fund Platform presale and Wechat = XEM goes 150% up

Tomorrow, December 10, Fund Platform starts Presale of FUND tokens on NEM blockchain.And the day before that XEM cryptocurrency shot ahead by the trading value on Bittrex exchange, leaving dozens of altcoins behind.

Why are these two events alongside? A stoke of good luck? A bubble inflated by releases about partnership of NEM with developers of Chinese app WeChat? Caused by reckless actions of new crypto-enthusiasts of one more project?

You can talk like that continuing to fuel up a ritual fire over computers and banners with Bitcoin, or rather immediately moving into the Middle Ages. And meanwhile we will be reaping the harvest on advanced technologies. Fund Platform is right that unique product of Hi-tech development that serves as the engine of world evolution.

While crypto world was reaping the fruits of Forex deals, NEM project created a fundamentally new mechanism in financial technologies implemented on four main principles. They are: safety, scalability, unparalleled speed of transactions and guaranteed profit. Having developed this mechanism, NEM managed to find a “material” (as far as it can be in the digital world) product that implemented all their ideas — Fund Platform. Launching Presale we want the world to see what incredible application knowledge can find in our hands.

The developers of Fund Platform put their lucky rabbit foot on the line: their project will soon question the need for traditional investment funds. And even (attention: someone from JP Morgan Chase will get very unhappy again), public funds.

Why are we so sure of it that even ready to sacrifice rabbit foot on a bet? Simply because we don’t need them. The facts speak louder than rituals and words: December 10 our team launches Presale. And the day before, December 9, XEM cryptocurrency makes its unprecedented rise by 150%!

Don’t miss your chance to climb up the peak of crypto industry with us .

To facilitate the first stage of this ascent, we offer you a unique bonus:

(!) Fund Platform gives an opportunity to all XEM-investors to get a FUND token with a 50% bonus of its value (!).

Now it’s only up to you how much you can earn. But only with one condition.

With Fund Platform you have no limit.