“I’m ONLY a teacher.”

Kristine Grace
2 min readApr 19


April 19,2023

While I was still studying. It is often said by my professors that teaching is a calling, not a job. The success of a teacher is seeing their students flourish and have a wonderful life. Yes, it really feels good when your student comes back and tells you how successful they are now. The practical me always believes they’re just our old selves.

Honestly, teachers often complain about being underpaid and dealing with difficult students. It’s a fulfilling job, but it feels even better when both of you and your students can enjoy financial stability and not struggle to make ends meet. Some people tend to sugarcoat the hard work and challenges of teaching.

Since not everyone can afford to study for their dream job, some of us choose to become teachers instead. It’s better to have a degree than to have none at all, but in today’s time, it really doesn’t matter.

In the environment I grew up in, I always heard the saying, “Teachers don’t get rich.” Sadly, rings true in many parts of the world where teachers are underpaid and undervalued by society. Only a few countries give teachers the same level of pay and respect as doctors. I have seen and experienced this myself.

The story can be different for those who have had a good-paying job but found it exhausting and unfulfilling, and for those who are seeking purpose in life. Teaching can provide that purpose. It can be exhausting, but teachers have summer breaks and after-school hours when they don’t have to deal with students.

This type of thinking may arise only when you feel undervalued and think about what society tells you. But you should leave society’s opinions aside and consider your own situation. Are you still happy? Does teaching still give you fulfilment? If not, consider learning a new skill or changing your profession. A teacher is always a learner.

If you’re still happy and content, especially if you’re a good teacher, think about the children, your students who need you. Remember that behind the success of any profession, there’s always a good teacher.

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