7 Cons of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Planning the funeral in advance is not a bad idea at all. There is a number of people who plan their funeral to help their family and themselves with ease of mind. If you pre-plan your funeral, there are several pros of pre-planning which can be enjoyed. However, if you plan the funeral by your own self before your death, you may have to face some discrepancies also. Some of the major cons of the funeral planning are:

Funeral home

No guarantee is available for you regarding the operations of the funeral home which is selected for the final services. For example, if you plan your funeral with a funeral home today and after some years, at the time of your death, the funeral home might shut down or no longer remain in operation. Also it is almost impossible to get refund of the funeral advances which you have paid to them. However, you may sort out this matter by properly discussing the risk factor with the funeral home but still, there are still chances of loss because you can’t predict the future.

Change of plan

If you change your mind about the arrangement and planning of your funeral, it may become difficult for you to convert all the planning you have done before while planning the funeral in advance. Also, if you wish to change the funeral home or the cemetery where you want to get buried, you can’t do so because you need a solid and valid reason for the refund of your advances.

Unpredictable Expenses

Plenty of expenses can’t be paid in advance while planning your funeral. The arrangements of food, flowers, charges by the pall bearers etc. No matter how detailed funeral you plan, your family will have to face the tiny expenses for the funeral arrangements. Similarly, the third party services are not covered within the pre-planning of your funeral ceremony.

Lack of flexibility

The funeral planned in advance covers all the basic expenses and once you have finalized all the arrangements, it is almost impossible to change the funeral arrangements. The plans which are made in advance obviously have low chances of flexibility and conversion of the arrangements.

Change of location

The advance funeral which you planned in a state becomes void if you move to a new state or place of residency which is away from your current place. It might be a problem for you to get the refund of the advances you have made while pre-planning your funeral. Even if you get your refund from the funeral home and the cemetery, you will have to plan the whole funeral arrangements again which is very irritating.

Discussing the death

Many people love to plan the funeral in advance and have no fear of talking about the topic of death. On the other hand, there are some people who are not interested to talk about the topic and hate to even hear about it. If your family members are not interested about discussing death, it will be very difficult and almost impossible for you to make them realize the benefits of pre-planning the funeral.

Decrease in future cost

Normally, the funeral costs are tend to increase with the time. However, there are also chances of decline in the costs. If you plan your funeral in advance, then you may pay more than the future price. Also, if the funeral home introduces a new and cheaper package, you may be unable to enjoy its benefits.

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