Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

The only words I can think of is “Be Real.” Trump doesn’t follow the political norm and pretend he never wanted to do those things or would do those things to a woman. Maybe that’s because it’s obvious that after Bill Clinton’s affairs the world was OK with men in power exposing there sexual experiences and wrong doings. I just don’t see this as the problem Abby is saying it is, no offense to Abby. Most men think like that, and when they are with other men, in the locker room…Especially then. So much of what Trump says is shocking but think of our choices! Someone who shared secrets with Russia and lied about it being President! I can’t imagine how that is OK. I have nothing against republicans or democrats because I think its time for every politician to stand up for what he believes in. Can we actually expect that for once? I know there is controversy over Trump’s business decisions. But he didn’t break the law. And he didn’t take special interest donations! That there is the big deciding factor that is out there in front of our faces but it doesn’t matter to a lot of people. It is the one thing that allows so much corruption into the senate and government in general. It should be against the law. Special interest groups are why any law is passed in the senate and it’s not fair to anyone. We only get what the special interest groups want to pay for. That is how it works, so “Be Real” and take a risk at voting for someone who might change that.

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