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The answer lies in asking the question

Kate Dames
Aug 5 · 2 min read

I vividly remember a workshop. I didn’t understand the instructions and looked around to see if I can secretly find a clue without anyone noticing, used to the rules of school where asking questions or asking for help was taboo.

I was surprised to see my two neighbour’s openly discussing the same confusion I had and nearly fell off my chair when the instructor came closer, clarified the confusion and then made a bold and loud statement. He gave us all permission to ask for help.

For the first time in my life I felt a sense of relief feeling I don’t have to know all the answers or figure it out on my own anymore.

I could simply ask! It wasn’t cheating! It was called collaboration.

With my new found discovery I practiced it everywhere. I asked for directions when I got lost. I asked how people felt. I asked how to solve certain problems. I even asked how the universe work.

My biggest lessons from the experience :

  1. The answer comes as soon as the question is asked. It’s often found in the most unexpected places or people. Usually not your role models or bosses or the cleverest person in the room in fact. Be open. Be humble.
  2. Questions create conversations and connections, not statements. If you want to connect, ask. If you want to push away, say.
  3. Articulating the right question in order to get the right answer is an art that needs practice. Ask bad questions and you will only get bad answers.

We’re conditioned not to ask any questions. Are you going to try to break that mold?

What are you curious about? What do you want to know?

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