Girl Love

So, it’s isn’t basically a story.. It’s a thing which we used to see from our childhood.. And that’s the cycle of Girl-on-Girl hate.. This cycle is coming from generation and we can see this in schools , collages and even at work places.. Soo, i’m gonna say that the cycle of Girl-on-Girl hate is just a bullshit and a crap. Coz we are in this together. We r the one who knows how it feels not be good enough,no to be popular enough, not to be preety enough.. we know all these craps.. So, lets just break this cycle.. Coz according to me Girls r strong, powerful, innocent angels who are beautiful in their own way..So, let’s just stop this cycle and instead of putting each other down ..Let’s put each other up.. Because we know how awesome other women can be. How awesome we can be .. So spreadlove,spreadpositivity,spreadkindness spreadawesomenesss..Coz we can do this..We can do this together..