Drop shadows are everywhere.

It’s the simplest way to add depth and space between layers of objects on a canvas.

— — Update on 3 Dec 2017 — —

Google Slides have upgraded its image editing features. You can now add drop shadows, reflections, and more adjustment like brightness and contrast to images even easier.

  1. Select the image
  2. Click “Format Options…” on the right of the toolbar
  3. Adjust by moving the handles under “Drop Shadow” and “Reflection”

Create simple motion graphics to catch users’ attention

It’s getting harder to get user engagement when managing a Facebook page. The posts often ends up reaching a desperately little of users.

Do you know:

In this article, I’m going to show you how to use some everyday tools to convert your existing social media images to eye-catching motion content.

Facebook Likes are NOT your free advertising.

Tons of pages are pushing vast amount of contents to the eyes of users. It’s increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd and impress…

製作簡單Motion Graphics吸引用戶,並突破Facebook廣告文字量限制

而家任何商戶或組織都會建立自己嘅 Facebook Page,相信好多人都有管理Facebook Page嘅經驗,有冇發現帖文愈來愈難得到 user engagement,好多Post都石沉大海,reach 少得可憐。


以下我會教大家用平時用開嘅工具,將現成嘅簡單 Social Media 圖片轉換為更吸引用戶嘅動態內容。

隨住大眾 Follow 嘅 Page 愈來愈多,要爭取到用戶嘅 News Feed 嘅一個版位日趨艱鉅。尤其小企業唔無法投放大量資源去製作維持 User Engagement 嘅 Post,結果發文就似 …

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